04 October 2008

D*face Apocalypse Now

D*face killing it again in london. black rat press through the weekend. he just keeps getting better and better.


  1. I have the original of that Superman/evil Nick'O'Teen poster from the early 1980's, it used to be on my bedroom wall, it was part of an anti smoking campaign, it probably came free with the Beano

    so getting better and better means doing less work does it? result

    all he's done is change the words in the speech balloon and the background and you're eating it up like he's a genius

    well he is - he's a genius at coning y'all out of your hard earned!


  2. oops, I stand corrected - he also added some Flying Pig Nose stickers. Putting up stickers is an evil crime kids - don't do it!

  3. no offence, but you're an idiot. Not all art forms have to make their own work, infact, a lot of art you probably see is based on someone else’s work, inspired by other people, techniques and other forms of making art. He didnt copy, but manipulate to get his work noticed, if he takes someone else’s work and creates his own piece out of it then so be it, but the face is D*Face has created so many of his own works and at least has the balls to do it rather than just complain.

  4. D*Face is undoubtedly one of the most important artists working within the realms of street art today. His bold compositions and daring outdoor work continues to push the boundaries to new levels