27 December 2008

Origami Blows My Mind

 This viral video is nuts! If nothing else, I am truly convinced of the artistic relevance of stop motion.

25 December 2008

Swoon VIdeo

I posted something about this when she and her "Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea" crew were making their way down the Hudson. Swoon is amazing. Her concepts are both romantic and beautifully surreal. I would love nothing more than join her in on her pirate escapades as we sail into the sunset.

23 December 2008

Connor Harrington @ New Art Gallery Walsall

This artist absolutely boggles my mind. Graffiti realism, or a mixture of both, at its best. This guy is real. He has can control, real can control, and his paintings have a feel of classical painting. I love it. you will too! I know you will. Check him out here.

19 December 2008

Balloon Panzer

A balloon tank that deflates over the course of the show. Awesome concept speaking to the eventual fall of military might. I came across this today- not sure who the artist is.

13 December 2008

Dial Seven Digits- Call Up Bridget

Jasper Wong at Subtext

I checked out Jasper Wong's opening tonight at Subtext and it was well worth it. His cartoonish doodling is very impressive up close, and his technique using print and ink has its own surreal look that you just have to see in person. He'll be showing here in San Diego until Jan 11. I never cease to be amazed at the talent in our local shows.

12 December 2008

Elbow-Toe at Thinkspace

Elbow-Toe kills. What else is there to say? His new paintings are evolving. Its bigger and better than before. its absolutely amazing to watch him evolve.  Apparently one of these weighs 250lbs. show opens tonight in LA. goes until Jan 2.

11 December 2008

Chorboogie at Project One in SF

the oceanside native is killing it once again. this time at project one. i love his bold use of colors, his drips on the models remind me of krink. his work is vibrant and earthy at the same time. its like aztec tribal. dope.

Blu in Berlin

08 December 2008

Harold and the London Police

when i saw this on the internet today, the first thing i thought of was the london police. what do you think?? its harold, the childrens book from 1955. anyhow, if you havent heard of them, the london police are sick! there is something about their perfect characters that really stand out to me.

Powder Blue Suit I Love You

these guys are insane- with class though. but what insane person isnt? i saw an old man walking down the street the other day talking to himself. the thing was- he was holding his hand over his mouth. my brother told me that he really wasnt insane because he knew that talking to himself was not the social norm (hence the hand) and, that he was aware of that fact, made him sane. i told him, "bro, its an old man fucking talking to himself with his hand over his mouth! hes obviously a fucking loon!" call me nuts.

Sorry No Posts

Apparently the people that i was stealing wireless internet moved a while back and did not consider the effect that it would have on my general wellbeing I have moved so i hope to get back into the swing of things and post some of my new stuff as well.