28 October 2008

Days with My Father

a truly heartwarming site, dedicated to phillip toledano's father as he struggles with Alzheimer's. beautiful composition, moving story, and a nod to our common humanity.  Days With My Father has inspired me.

History of the Boombox

ahh what??? the history of the boombox! check it out.

Jason Sho Green

of what ive read. some things fell through for jason, and he is unloading some serious arwork at very reasonable prices. an amazing illustrator with and amazing site showcasing his work. show him some love.

Dirty Heads Cover Coldplay

just came across this. the dirty heads are sick- and coming to san diego. theyll be at winstons on nov 14. see you there.

09 October 2008

Wall Streets Blue Balls

i think i might have just solved the economic crisis. move over john mccain, you little hobbit.
this photo was taken last night. since then, the balls have been restored to their original luster.

Jose Parla at Elms Lester in London

i love this guy. he is one of my biggest influences. i love the layers and layers of graf. his style is elegant and dirty at the same time. he amazes me and im glad to see him breaking more and more into the international scene. jose parla kills. check his site and be amazed.

Banksy- Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill

just as i thought. the new murals banksy paid to have done in ny were adverts for his new show. this time animatronics are the hype. peep the vids. the concept of this show in pretty cool, but still- a media company to paint your murals?? on rented walls??

06 October 2008

"Damn Rats" -Katsu Gets His Wall Back

apparently this was done over a huge extinguisher katsu tag and katsu came to take his spot back. from what i hear, it also says "to all the real night creatures" just to the right. if you look closely, they tried to pacify him with a small peace katsu at the bottom left.

05 October 2008

Dave the Chimp Says...

that all D*face did was change the words. true. is it art anyhow? i thought i would post this so you can see for yourself.

04 October 2008

Banksy in New York

put up in ny, apparently by a media company, hired by banksy? i would guess that hes working on his 3rd "secret show" this time in the big apple and this is a publicity stunt. i was at his show last year in la. sick. but seriously hiring a media company?? wow, a true guerilla artist. give me a break bansky.

D*face Apocalypse Now

D*face killing it again in london. black rat press through the weekend. he just keeps getting better and better.

Mankind is No Island

jason van genderen made this movie entirely on a cell phone winning 20,000 at tropfest. apparently it took on $57 to make. its sad, but hopeful. makes me want to hold myself a little bit.