30 August 2008

Guernica in 3D

this is an absolutely amazing 3d rendition of picassos 1937 response to the nazi bombing of guernica during the spanish civil war. whats so civil about war anyway?


i went to the soco music festival downtown last weekend. it was sick!! it was the best five dollar concert that ive seen in a long time. common was backed by an extremely talented drummer, and a dj born with his fingers glued to the wax. thought i would take it back to a little ressurection (1995)

Even More Banksy... in the South

just spotted in birmingham, alabama. bansky just handling those racists. nice.



More Banksy in the Big Easy

more banksy in new orleans. 
these paintings utilize the gray paint of  fred radtke, also known as gray ghost, who, is an avid graf buffer. he has painted over most of the graffiti in the city. a statement released by banksy said, "three years after katrina, i wanted to make a statement about the state of the clean up operation."


29 August 2008

Giant Robots Kick Ass

Giant robots kick major ass so shut up. the monstrous size of these sculptures seems to scream something about the direction of society while making a reference to the elephant in the room. perhaps social commentary regarding the inevitable, technological takeover of our lives- or maybe just big fucking robots. 

anyhow michael salter's work seems to demand a closer look.

William Lamson Street Intervention

you know how much i love street intervention. these are some good ones. follow the link to see more of brooklyns william lamson.

I Fucking Hate Horses

i fucking hate horses. i actually dont, but this guy really does. he fucking hates them! he says that theyre idiots because they have to have their shoes nailed to their feet. "really fucking genius when you have to have your clothes nailed to your retarded ass." and dont check it out if you really dont hate horses, he hates trendy ass horse haters more than he hates horses!

Siddhartha Gotama

This is the kind of art that blows my mind. Religion, war, death and peace all pitted against each other. This is culturally relevant. This defines what contemporary art means to me. Sculpture that asks questions about the concepts and ideals that shape our everyday lives. Samuel Stimpert, you boggle my mind, and you my friend, are dope.

Shepard Fairey for Obama

the king of grassroots paste up campaigns creates for pop imagery for the obama campaign. fucking gangster. i thought the world would just explode if these two ever collaborated. it hasnt yet, but im making peace with my maker just in case. you should too... just to be on the safe side.

Quote of the Day

"The suburbs have three destinies, none of them exclusive: as materials salvage, as slums, and as ruins." James Kunstler 

for some reason this quote blows me away.  i just thought that it fit well with my last painting. 

kunstler also the guy that said that the "cutting edge of architecture  is a razor blade poised against our own society's throat." talk about a way with words. i dont know if i agree, but i do like the thought of a freshly sharpened blade against the pulsating jugular of our disposable society... i just dont think architecture would have the guts to follow through. sorry kunstler.

Photo of the Day

Michael Dweck, photographer. follow the link. his newest work is called mermaids.

Banksy Hits New Orleans

these have just popped up in the big easy. I love homeless lincoln.